The Leadership Staff at Elevate Life is committed to the mission of saving the unborn, one life at a time. Each member brings a unique skill set to the team, and we’re so grateful for their constant work and dedication. If you are looking to contact one of the staff members with questions or for more information about Elevate Life, find our contact information here.

Vaunae comes to us with more than 20 years experience in Pregnancy Resource Clinic non-profit work.  She served as Executive Director for one of the first Pregnancy Resource Centers in California to convert to a medical clinic leading them through the process of becoming licensed by the state of California as a Community Clinic.  She served as PRC Program Manager for Women’s Resource Network which provided leadership training, board consultation, and strategic planning to pregnancy resource centers across California, Nevada and Arizona.  During this period she she spearheaded a grant from the Center’s for Disease Control which funded the creation of a National Student Federation on Abstinence.  As part of this grant young people from all across the United States met in Washington DC on 4 separate occasions to speak with members of both the House and Congress on the importance of abstinence education for young people. She is passionate about pro-life work.

Vaunae lives in the Twin Cities with her husband of 42 years.  They have 4 grown children and 10 grandchildren.  Vaunae holds a BA in Human Behavior, a Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership and is a Mastery Certified Life Coach.

Vaunae Hansel MCLC, President 

  • Provides thought leadership
  • Affiliation Relations lead
  • Affiliate Advisory Council oversight
  • Oversight of all training programs, new Executive Director training, and professional development programs
  • Provide strategic planning assistance

Patty Rosno, Affiliate Support Manager

  • Affiliate support specializing in metro affiliate and medical affiliate needs
  • Provides leadership on the Medical Model for Centers of Excellence
  • Manages a pool of medical and legal professionals for the affiliate network

Christy Baker, Affiliate Support Coordinator & Office Manager

  • Affiliate support specializing in outstate/rural centers
  • Website maintenance
  • Office management
  • Coordinating annual affiliate agreements

Megan Schmidt, Donor and Development Coordinator

  • Coordinate donor communication and development; including updating social media platforms
  • Manage, compile reports, and analyze incoming donations and assist with book keeping items
  • Assist with grant writing
  • Help plan and run affiliate and fundraising events

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