Our Mission

We are a life-affirming, non-profit organization that provides our affiliated network of pregnancy resource centers and clinics the support and services they need to thrive and build up a culture of life in their communities.

Our Vision

Our affiliation programs lead the way to assist Affiliates in reducing abortion, STDs, and relationship poverty in the communities they serve. We will take our unique and compelling model for affiliate support and introduce it in other states when able to do so.

Organizational Values

We believe in:
The inherent dignity, sanctity, and right to life of each person, from conception to natural death.
The right of women and men considering abortion to receive comprehensive, truthful information in a respectful and compassionate way.
The importance of fertility awareness and education, and the effectiveness and dignity of natural forms of family planning.
The importance of every Affiliate to address consistently the needs of the whole person – physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and economic – when providing services.
Our Affiliates, their commitment to excellence, and their power to change and save lives for the good of their communities.

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