“Each life is precious, and we start by saving one baby at a time.”

Sr. Jeanne Therese, Founder of Elevate Life

History of Elevate Life

Elevate Life, first known as the Minnesota Life-Care Centers (MLCC), was incorporated in February 1974 to advocate for the protection of human life from conception to natural death. It specifically existed to present women and to society alternatives to abortion. In 1983 the name was changed to reflect its more regional scope and influence and became Total LifeCare Centers. In 2017, as the result of an in-depth strategic plan, the name Elevate Life was chosen to better reflect our mission to elevate the lives of our affiliates and the communities they serve.

The first of Elevate Life’s Affiliates to be established was the University LifeCare Center, which opened on April 1, 1975 near the University of Minnesota campus. It was an offshoot of the North End Health Center, a neighborhood clinic in St. Paul where Sister Jeanne Therese Condon, a Sister of St. Joseph of Medaille, had been the director for three years. The University clinic, under Sister Jeanne’s direction, was set up to offer pregnancy testing and pro-life counseling with referrals to pro-life physicians and agencies.

Today, Elevate Life has grown to offer a full range of support to our affiliates. We currently have an Affiliate Support Manager and Director who coordinates and supports affiliate clinics by offering on-site and monthly group trainings/meetings, updated useful information and documents on our affiliate website, as well as fielding any questions our affiliate clinics might have. We also host both a spring and fall training seminar that help our clinics stay up-to-date on industry information and best practices. We offer lower group insurance rates, assistance in creating marketing material and landing grants. And with constantly changing growing communities, we provide the most current information and advice to our 38 affiliate locations on an on-going basis.

Partner with Elevate Life to Save Lives!

Personally I Can

  • Pray for Mothers and their unborn children
  • Pray for the success of Elevate Life and Pregnancy Resource Centers
  • Donate

As a Group, We Can

  • Sell Cinnamon Rolls
  • Host a Pancake Breakfast or Spaghetti Dinner
  • Become an Event Sponsor at the Gala

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