About Elevate Life

Formerly Total LifeCare / TLC Options for Women, Elevate Life is a life-affirming, non-profit organization that assists over 30 affiliated Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs) in 37 locations across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. These Affiliate locations help women and families facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies. To do so, our Affiliates extend God’s love through holistic and compassionate service, and they encourage these women to make the loving choice for life. Elevate Life helps support these centers and clinics achieve their mission for life by providing training for staff and volunteers, marketing assistance to both individual centers and to the entire affiliation of centers, offering special grants, and more. One of our key roles is to help facilitate networking among the leadership between centers. Elevate Life has been assisting this affiliation of Pregnancy Resource Centers and Clinics since 1974.

Our History

Sr. Jeanne Therese

Elevate Life was founded by Sr. Jeanne Therese Condon in 1974 to advocate for the protection of human life from conception to natural death. The organizational purpose stemmed from her religious beliefs that all human life is sacred and created in the image of God. The mission’s sole purpose was to present alternatives to abortion to women and the society in which they lived.

In 1975, the first Affiliate, University LifeCare Center, was established near the University of Minnesota. It was set up to offer pregnancy testing and pro-life counseling with referrals to pro-life physicians and agencies. From the beginning, Elevate Life and its Affiliates have fought against abortion, improper use of contraception, and societally accepted promiscuous sexual expression.

From that one center, Elevate Life today is grown to encompass 33 Affiliates at 37 different locations, ranging from International Falls to New Ulm and from Superior, Wisconsin to Morris, Minnesota.

Our Work

Elevate Life fulfills its mission by offering services to a network of affiliated pregnancy care centers whose focus is to reach out to women with unplanned pregnancies.

These services include:

  • Training
    • Staff, volunteers, Executive Directors, & Board Members
  • Offering marketing help
    • Individual center consultations; Promotion of all Elevate Life PRC affiliates, Maintenance of Options for Women client website & client social media
  • PRC Management support
    • Networking opportunities – Quarterly meetings; Outside speakers for educational enrichment
  • Financial support
    • Special grants to centers; Pay for PRC membership fees for national organizations; Group Insurance help
  • Maintaining philosophy and policies
    • Common mission; Communication of legal requirements
  • Assisting with the start-up of new center
    • Start-up funding for new centers; Organizational help
  • Increasing the Elevate Life network of centers

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